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1. HERBS-VITAMINS-MINERALS. " That can help sharpen your memory "2. FACTS & TIPS 3. IN THE NEWS


Herbs Vitamins Minerals.

Have you ever had days when you can't seem to remember " Anything "? You went to the market and forgot

where your car was? You forgot about an appointment. You get sidetracked and can't concentrate on the tasks

in front of you? There's probably nothing wrong with you. Experts say we all have times when we forget things

and have trouble concentrating do to stress. One other factor are not having the correct balance of herbs,

vitamins, & minerals. Below are some suggestions that maybe helpful to you.


Research shows that garlic prevents and reverses senility, helps fight depression contains many antioxidants;

will help in stimulating branching and growth of new brain neurons.

For more on Garlic see my Jan. LiveingWell news article published online at


A vitamin B-12 deficiency develops very slowly over many years and oddly, often affects the brain and nervous

system entirely and nothing else. B-12 should be taken during your 50s or 60s as deficiencies before those ages

are not common. There is no toxicity to vitamin B-12, so it is safe to take.

The only food source for vitamin B-12 is meats, poultry, fish, and dairy products.


Though not technically a B vitamin, folic acid functions together with vitamin B-12. Besides helping fight

declining mental function, folic acid can enhance your mood, stop depression and even prevent it.

In a German study lack of folic caused poor concentration poor emotional stability, lack of self-confidence and

more introversion. These condition were dramatically improved with moderate does of folic acid (such as

commonly found in a multivitamin) taken over eight weeks.

Supplements of 400 to 1,00 micrograms per day can ward off heart attacks and work against cancer and metal



Cites a Dutch study that people in there 70s were given 20mg. of vitamin B-6 every day for three months.

Researchers found their long-term memories improved.

Food sources of vitamin B-6 include whole grains, nuts soybeans, seafood, bananas, sweet potatoes, and


VITAMIN Q or coenzyme Q-10

How it works is still being studied. What researchers do know is that since vitamin Q, is an antioxidant that

protects fat molecules from becoming oxidized, it works much like vitamin E. And since it works on fat cells, it

has great value in protecting fatty brain cells from degeneration.

But Vit. Q has another action unlike that of other antioxidants. It apparently acts directly on a cell's mechanism

for deriving energy from burning oxygen, actually igniting the process. This is why it's often called the spark

that starts the oxygen-burning engines of the cell.

By Lillian Waugh


Dark brown ticks don't carry Lymes disease; the lighter ticks are the ones that are carries. When out camping

or in the yard it is best to check your body for ticks. How to remove a Tick from the body. Find the head or

where the tick has entered. Mark that spot with a felt tip pen. Take a pair of tweezers and turn the tick around

to the exact spot stop. Now the hard part wait five minutes and gently pull the tick out. It will all come out.

Permission given to publish by

Doctor Larry D. Bomsta

Montpelier, ID 83254


It is that time of year for them. Here is a tip for you. Save your bounce that you use in the dryer. Take the old

bounce and put it in your pocket or hang it on your hat and go outside. They will fly around you for a look but

they will not land on you. I put one in each of my front pockets and went to work or I guess I should say play as

I love the yard and they left me alone. And they really love me.



The salad scare originally began with an article in a major newspaper. Staff there purchased different types of

pre-cut vegetables, including several pre-packaged salads, and sent them to a lab to be tested for bacteria. The

result: high bacteria levels were indeed found in a number of products.

But, the results were misinterpreted. That's because what were found were high levels of innocuous bacteria

belonging to the coliform group-distant and altogether harmless relatives of deadly strains of E. coli.

The words to look for on a plastic package of greens to make sure it has been washed thoroughly enough so

that you don't have to wash it again. Are " Washed and ready to eat " This means they use a state of the art

cleansing process that kills bacteria better than you could at home. Unless you have a purifier that would purify

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and natural alternative medicine products.


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Uses: Oregano is primarily a cooking herb, & its flavor is very close to its first cousin, marjoram, although

quite a bit stronger. It is an important seasoning in Italian, Spanish, & Mexican cuisine's I myself have used it

on baked, broiled, and rotisserie chicken it adds a great flavor.

It grows vigorously in all those warm-weather climates). World War 2 soldiers who served in Italy returned

home with a taste for Italian cooking, & sales of oregano and other Mediterranean herbs in American markets

increased dramatically.

Oregano is a familiar taste to every person who has ever eaten spaghetti or pizza, but we don't have to limit it

to spaghetti sauce. It goes well in bean or lentil soup, poultry stuffing's, chili, hamburger, meatloaf, squash,

eggplant, and beans.


Ancient Greeks as the herb of happiness knew oregano, & wedding ceremonies concluded with the bride &

groom being crowned with a wreath of oregano.


Broccoli Florets

1 Tbs. Olive oil

½ Tsp. Dark sesame oil

¼ Cup sherry

4 Cups bite-size broccoli florets1 large carrot, peeled and sliced diagonally

2 thin slices fresh gingerroot

1-lb. can baby corn, drained.

A bunch of scallions, or green onions

Salt to taste

In a large skillet or stir-fry pan, heat oils and sherry over medium high heat.

Add broccoli, carrots and ginger and stir fry until broccoli is crisp and tender

About 3 minutes. Add scallions or green onion and baby corn, and stir fry till

Heated through. Discard ginger slices

Season with salt and serve.

Per serving 194 Cal.5 G; protein:5 G Fat: 31G; CARB. 0 G; COL. 73 MG SOD; 3 G FIBER

If you wish you can serve this over Rice or Noodles.

LiveingWell health news letter Insuring  you a healthy and vital tomorrow!

By Lillian Waugh

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