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The article below was sent to me for publication.   Alkaline Diet For Your Health

Food that we eat has effect on our level of acidity or alkalinity in the body. For instance the blood must retain

delicate balance of pH at 7,365. If it goes to 7,4 or 7,2 pH we have very dangerous

situation. But which food has alkaline effect on the body?

You see most people think that lemon is acidic but in our body it has highly alkaline effect. So I want to give

you a list of most alkalizing food.

1.Vegetables - that's best, easiest source of alkaline salts in our food. I recommend especially green vegies

like broccoli, celery stalks, parsley leaves. They have chlorophyll that oxygenates all your cells so they are

more happy :)

2.Sprouts - sprouts are amazingly alkalizing food. Most sprouts is about 3 times more alkalizing than carrots.

Eat them fresh. Personally I love soy sprouts. They have nice relaxing effect.

3.Beans - like lentils, chick peas, lima beans. All they are alkalizing and good source of vitamins and minerals.

4.Low sugar fruits - in this category is: lime, lemon, tomato, avocado. Other fruits have higher sugar content

and for this reason are more acidic.

To be healthy and in balance your diet should ideally consist of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic food.

You probably wonder what is most acidic food? OK. OK.

Most acidic is following: meat (especially pork), diary products (especially hard cheese, all sweets (artificial

sweeteners, white sugar, beet sugar, molasses).

So try to avoid them or keep low in your diet. Be Healthy :) Jacob Filipek


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Grapeseed: Pinebark

Grapeseed is extracted from the seed of Vitis vinifera. Pinebark comes from the bark of the European costal

pine tree, Pinus maritima or P. nigra. Both herbs contain proanthocyanidins, a chemical marketed a



Although grapeseed extract is popular in Europe, it hasn't been studied adequately in people for medical

experts to recommend its medicinal use. The same holds true for Pinebark.

Why people use this herb.



Poor circulation

Varicose veins

Avoid These for Effectiveness

To give your homeopathic remedies the best chance of working for you, avoid these common substances that

are known to antidote remedies: coffee, camphor, eucalyptus, tea tree oil (Melaluca products), menthol, and



Combing herbs with certain drugs may alter their action or produce unwanted side effects. Tell your health care

practitioner immediately about any prescription or nonprescription drugs you 're taking. Or if your hands or

feet become cold or pale while you're using grapeseed or pinebark.

Other names for Grapeseed or Pinebark Grapeseed include Vitis coignetiae and Vitis vinifera. Pinebark

include muskat, Pinus maritima, and Pinus nigra.

Grapeseed and Pinebark are sold under such names as Mega Juice, NutraPack, and Pycnogenol.


Grapeseed or Pinebark

Tablets (25 to 300) milligrams

Capsules (25 to 300) milligrams

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Tylenol Warnings

New data suggest acetaminophen overdoses could be a bigger cause of liver failure than some prescription

drugs recently banned for liver poisoning. Also, our drinking water that may be helping teeth may also be

having a negative effect on our children's intelligence and behavior. Yet dental researchers still claim that

cavity prevention is most easily achieved through exposure to fluoride.


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ByLillian Waugh

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