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What is Poly-MVA® for Pets?

Backed by 15+ years of clinical use, and 20+ years of lab research and testing, Poly-MVA for Pets is a specially formulated combination of palladium lipoic complex, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help support your pets' overall health.

It is designed to help support cellular energy production, by replacing nutrients that may have been depleted during certain therapies your pet may have undergone. Poly-MVA for Pets is a safe and gentle supplement for all kinds of pets, even elderly pets with a need for increased energy, appetite and quality of life.

The Top Reasons Why Your Pet Needs Poly-MVA® for Pets

1. Perfect for pets facing health challenges

For pets that are aging, facing illness, or undergoing exhausting treatments and therapies; or simply need an influx of nutrtional support, Poly-MVA® for Pets is what you need. The minerals, vitamins and amino acids to keep your pet’s nutrition at its optimum, and the Palladium Lipoic Complex to provide a antioxidant-filled boost to cellular energy. It is helpful in increasing energy, reducing fatigue and enhancing well-being. Enhanced cellular functioning helps to facilitate can help improve quality of life for all pets, especially pets undergoing harsh medical treatment programs.

2. Works wonders for aging pets

Enhance comfort and the quality of life of your maturing loved one. Poly-MVA for Pets can provide the superior nutritional support to help ensure that your animal companion maintains a full, active and enjoyable life throughout their golden years.

3. Safe and effective

The success of Poly-MVA for Pets lies in the active ingredient - Paliadium Lipoic Complex. This unique chemical polymer is believe to help enhance cellular function in healthy cells, while interfering with the function and reproduction of abnormal cells.

Poly-MVA for Pets is a safe and effective supplement for aged and sick pets. The ingredients in Poly-MVA® for Pets are assimilated by the body as food. During the development of palladium lipoic complexes, very high doses were given to animals in an attempt to determine the lethal toxicity level. Even at doses 18 times higher than the maximum recommended dose, no negative effects were observed. Poly-MVA for Pets appears to be very safe and does not appear to interfere with the actions or effects of any medications or treatments.?

What are the Health Benefits of Poly-MVA® for Pets?

Achieves and sustains optimum health

Supports age related discomforts

Liver support in removing harmful substances

Assistance in removing toxic metals from the bloodstream

Less fatigue

Better appetite

Supports the immune system

Increases stamina and alertness

Nerve and neurotransmitter support

Available in 8 fluid oz. or 4 fluid oz.

What are the Top 3 Questions People Ask About Poly-MVA® for Pets?

1. How long does it take to get results? Dr. Garnett, the inventor of Poly-MVA® for Pets, believes most animals will notice a difference in how they feel within the first 2-4 weeks. Some veterinarians and pet owners have reported dramatic results in energy improvement and increased appetite within days, depending on serving size.

2. Are there any side effects? Poly-MVA® for Pets does not have known side effects.

3. Why is Poly-MVA® for Pets more costly than other supplements?  In terms of the cost of the raw materials and manufacturing versus selling price, Poly-MVA® for Pets is similar to most other nutritional supplements. However, unparalleled quality is ultimately why Poly-MVA® exists at the price point it does. The unique ingredients and presence of palladium, rhodium (two of the most expensive metals in the world), and other metals make Poly-MVA® for Pets necessarily expensive.

Get Started Today and Boost Your Pet's Health and Wellness with Poly-MVA® for Pets!

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Doctors at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn NY say as

many as half of all morning headache sufferers could be in pain because they're

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And research at Duke University suggests taking as little ad 400 mgs. daily

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