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Here's a simple physical fitness program that will quickly firm and trim your figure. For people who like to look good and not have to work hard

at it. This can be done before you leave for work and at work in then 15 minutes each session.

To keep your face and chin line firm:

Do the following exercise at least 15 times:

Lie on your bed on your back with your head hanging over the edge, stick out your tongue and try to touch your nose, lift your head up to a level

position, lower it slowly again.

To prevent fleshy, weak arms, try this:

Put your arms out sideways with palms down, then roll your shoulders forward and back at least 10 times.

To prevent droopy eyelids:

Raise your left eyebrow at least 25 times, then repeat with your right eyebrow.

To trim your waist:

Stand perfectly straight, tense your buttocks, bend sideways to the right until your right hand touches the right side of your knee, straighten up,

then repeat on the left side. Do this exercise at least 40 times.

Below can be done when you are sitting at work; again in less them 15 minutes. Or on a coffee break.

Head Tilt:

Omit this one if you did the Chin Line above or you can do both if you wish.

Bend your head forward (with chin against throat) as far as possible. Bring your head slowly back as far as possible. Repeat this exercise 10



Flabby neck muscles begin to tighten up. You'll help rebuild cells and capillaries and thereby rejuvenate the slack that could become a double



Pretend you are outside and there is a piece of fruit on the tree very high. Reach up and pick that fruit with both your hands. Put your arms down

at your side. Start with 5 time's work up to 10 times. If you can't stretch with both arms at the same time alternate.


Shoulder muscles are stimulated by the stretching, helps to smooth out the " humps " that could develop from prolonged deskwork. Helps to

improve your posture.

Tighten Stomach:

Draw your stomach fully in. Drop your body forward while lifting your legs in front of you. Now put your feet back on the floor. Relax your

stomach muscle and raise upright slowly again.


Helps stimulate your bowels and blood circulation. Helps stomach sag known as ptosis, help's slim down your spreading waistline.

Toe Lift & Heel Lift:

Sit with elbows on your knees. Bend forward, pressing your upper body down on your knees. Lift your toes off the floor keeping your heels on the

floor. Now reverse the movement by lifting your heels and your toes on the floor. Repeat this exercise 30 times in its entirety.


Improves blood circulation to feet & lower legs. Helps tighten up spreading thighs. Firms up "cellulite flab that can make you look older. Protects

you from having a spare tire around your hips. " Not bad for just a few minutes of your time. "

Knees & Hips:

Slowly stand up from a sitting position " WITH-OUT " the help of your hands until you are standing erect. Sit down. Repeat this exercise 20



Improves the extension muscles of your knees and hips. Helps tighten up muscles that become flabby from prolonged deskwork.

Relax Period:

When you have completed the exercises give yourself a few minutes to sit relaxed. Breathe evenly and gently; let the air out slowly just as slowly

take the air in. If you have to count to make this happen do so in time it will be automatic. You will start to feel totally relaxed a very comfortable.


You will find that your body will become slimmer and more youthful.

And you did it using a few minutes in the morning and at the office.


Now that you decide to start this routine, don't give it up. Exercise should not be considered just a "Fad " It is a regular commitment like

everyday eating habits. If you stop the beneficial effects are rapidly lost

It's natural to not want to exercise some days. That's why this routine is great as you get 2 days off if you want. Keep up the good work You will

Love your body and the great feeling you get from within in your.

New outlook, New "Life-style"

By Lillian Waugh


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Rays from Sun.

It is a known fact to use a good sunscreen when out doors. It is also wise to use a cover up when in the Sun such as a long sleeve shirt. And a hat.

Trouble sleeping

Warm a cup of water add teaspoon of honey, and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Or here is one that can also be used warm a cup of milk and

sip it. Either one you will be asleep in no time.

And wake up with no side effects.


To help with the Formaldehyde in a new home or any new remolding spread Tea bags around the home. This will take the formaldehyde out of the

premise. Black or green tea.



Uses: We tend to think of sage in connection with Thanksgiving turkey and not much else, which is too bad, for its rich flavor complements many

dishes: fish chowder, beef stew, hamburgers, cornbread and other breads, stewed tomatoes, cheese spreads, and many vegetables.

It has a natural affinity with pork (and appears to help with its digestion)

Sage Tea: Is surprisingly good (especially with a little lemon added); it is an old home remedy for fever, since it reduces perspiration. Purely as a

beverage, it was a favorite tea in England before black tea was introduced from China. Them the Chinese developed a taste for sage, and the

European merchants traded sage in China for black tea to bring back to England


The Latin name of this genus comes from salvare, which means "to save." A reference to the plant's strong tradition as a healing herb.


For the summer heat

Make this up the night before.

Add chicken or tuna before serving for a cool delight.

2 medium sized celery stalks, chopped on angle

4 large tomato, quartered

1 Zucchini cubed

1 red onion, sliced leave in circles

1 cloves of garlic, minced or more

1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar

2 Tablespoons oil

1 tablespoon sweet basil or oregano

BBQ Time

Here is a sauce you can make to spice up any of your favorite outdoor delights. It is used to marinate your delight. And then you bring it to a boil

and thicken with cornstarch and it is used to glaze your delight the last 15 minutes of grilling.

Or a gravy.

cup of Olive Oil

cup of Lemon or lime juice

Oregano, basil, garlic. Lemon pepper, Laurie seasonal salt

1 ounce of honey

1/8 teaspoon of Dijon mustard.

Blend all together.

Marinate overnight.

When ready to BBQ bring sauce to a boil.

Prepare 1 tablespoon of cornstarch in 2 ounces of cold water.

Add to boiling mixture stir till it starts to thicken, turn off heat it will thicken.

My own LL.

LiveingWell health news letter

By Lillian Waugh

Dedicated to alternative healing. Through body balance, health, nutrition & Fitness.

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