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Alternative Medicine What it is really?

Fundamental principles that herbal, minerals, vitamins, visualization, nutritional therapies, special diet,

exercise, and more.

In toady's world we are looking to alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Using the correct herbal therapies you

can find the way. The concept working with the body instead of  against a disease. Alternative therapies seek to

build the body's ability to fight disease and rebuild itself to health.

Herbs were the first drugs that our ancestors learned over a period of time, that which plants harmed the body.

And which plants would help. They found ways to preserve and extract the healing compounds from certain

plants that could do good. Ancient civilization learned about treating illnesses with herbs that are used by

modern researchers today. The FDA stepped in to the picture in 1993 as long as the manufactures made no

medical claim that the herbs would cure your problem they could be put on the market.

By comparison you can take herbs as capsules, liquids, or sprays. This is the modern way they bear no

resemblance to the living plant. You can buy these products just about anywhere from Health stores, the

Internet, mail order, and even in your grocery store.


Choose wisely there are many remedies available to you. Knowing how they work and what They can do for

you is the " Key" In the months that follow I will introduce the herbs for certain condition that have structure

and function of a body part or system. Even when the herb can improve your body function no claims can be

made that it will cure you. Research has found that there is evidence some herbs have stopped early stages of

Alzheimer's or alleviate tinnitus yet, this cannot be put on the bottles. In my forth coming monthly newsletters

the herbs will be there for you to read and learn the benefits.


Before taking any of the herbs check with your doctor for your condition. As some herbs are not to be taken

with some medication. Which I will bring up in the monthly newsletters, it is recommended that when you are on

medication to continue taking your medication along with the herbs.


Pharmaceuticals and medicinal herbs have a lot in common. With "Key" differences. Herbs are less potent

then drugs. Your body is introduced to the herbs gradually which in some findings as one takes them they can

increase the amount of intake if needed for the system. Without the side effects to the system unless your

system has an allergy to the herbs, as when drugs are introduced at times the side effect are drastic.


Recommened to help fight a cold Echinacea, Zinc gluconate lozenges, and Vitamin C Also Ionic liquid Zinc and


Headache: Feverfew, Cayenne Pepper, & Ginger. Ginger is also used for upset stomach. Drink as a tea to

settle your cramps. Caution: Avoid Ginger tea if you are running a high fever or to warm.

Boneset: Great for colds and flue keep on hand for the when the moment arrives. Used to Induce sweating,

reduce fever, and ease body aches. Follow the directions. Do not exceed as it can cause vomiting. May help to

stimulate immune cells.

Heinz white vinegar. Take a paper bag make a double wrap large enough to fit across your forehead. Soak in

vinegar squeezes excess out. Place on your forehead lay down or sit in a recliner in minutes your headache will

be gone. Great for migraines.

By Lillian Waugh


Check out the  Health Sites in the links below for more information on Herbs Vitamins, and minerals

Live Well in todays world.

High quality nutritional and natural alternative, for you, your pet, or loved one.

You alone have the choice to live clean and  be free of medicines.  I made the choice that is all it takes.



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Research findings


Reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease, colon & breast cancer, prevents constipation.

Note the bulgur in this salad is a whole grain "Healer"



Take bowel and rub fresh garlic on the inside set aside. With plactic wrap over till ready for use.

In a fresh bowel add

cup bulgur

2 cups boiling water or Veg broth.

Place the bulgur in a large bowl. Pour the water over the bulgur, cover let stand for 20 minutes or till the bulgur is light and fluffy. Drain the excess water.

Add the ingredients that you have prepared

1/3 cup chopped scallions or onions

2 tomatoes, medium sized chopped

1/3 cup each of parsley, fresh mint, & Cilentro chopped. Or oregano

2 tsp. of Olive oil

1/8 tsp. Each of salt & ground black pepper

Blend well together. Place in bowel that you have smeared the garlic around. Cover and put in refrigerater for

one hour or overnight.

4 Servings: Cal. 177, 4 grams of protien, 1 gram of Sat. Fat, 26 grams of carb, 7.4 grams fat, 0 mg. chol, 8 gram

fiber, 24 mg. sodium

LiveingWell health news letter

Insuring you a healthy and vital tomorrow!

By Lillian Waugh

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