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Wishing all a wonderful, happy & prosperous "New Year"


In the coming year there will be a series of herbal remedies to over the Counter verses Prescription Medicines.


Let me start with I really appreciated all the letters that I received from everyone thanking me for being there

for them. This has been a really great year knowing that I have been able to help all of you.

It gives me a warm feeling that I know will always be there. Thank You

We are facing other New Year it seems last year just started. This is what a lot of people have said I didn't get

haft of what I wanted to do, " done ". Let me say again We live at a very fast pace in today's lifestyle. At this

time of the year everyone will be looking forward to the New Year and thinking of New Year resolution. That is

a " Big Thought "

What did we do last year? What can we "Change " to make this coming year better?

Let's think of it as going on a trip for 7 days. Taking excess baggage can drag you down. Put things together

that you would need for your trip. What are you planing on doing on your trip? You can always pick up extras as

you need for your trip. In thinking this way you can plan how the coming year could be. Start a list I know we all

start them and get side tracked. Not if you put it where you see it everyday. If you stray it will remind you.


1. What, 2 How, 3 Do it.

What do you want to do that you could not do last year?

How can I make this happen this year?

Set your goal take each step

Always evaluate your list.

You will find your way in doing this, You can change your "Life-Style" for the better.


My last years newsletters will be online for you to review along with the new letters that I publish each month. I

am here for any question on your minerals. Or any articles in my newsletters. I always try to reply in 24 hours.

By Lillian Waugh


Pizza Light

A lot of people today find that pizza is a quick meal on the go. Most of the fat contents is in the cheese by

blotting the top of the Pizza with a paper towel it will remove a lot of the excess fat contents. This can be done

with a lot of fast foods.


It seems that 1/3 of practitioners are using Alternative methods for themselves.

But want you to use general practitioners


Honesty & Integrity

My son found a boat with a license that was 5 years old. He was trilled to the thought wow I have a boat. I

reminded him that the boat had a license and that he needed to check to see who it belonged to. Reluctant he

did. In about 5 days he was informed that it belonged to a church. He called the Church and the Reverend came

with a warm welcome of thanking him of his honesty that he would try to return a boat after it had been lost for

5 years. After the Reverend left with his boat, my Son said I never new I would feel better returning the boat

then when I found the boat. " Thanks Dad. "


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You alone have the choice to live clean and  be free of medicines.  I made the choice that is all it takes.

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Simple ways to beat holiday hangovers.

Though it is best not to over drink, many people do when it comes to holidays, or special events. Then comes

the morning after hangovers.

While moderation is obviously the best solution to over drinking, it is often in short supply. Painkillers offer

quick relief, but can also provide side effects and a potential for addiction.

Alcohol is dangerous because it easily overloads the liver and dehydrates the body. A normal liver can process

a glass of wine, haft a pint of beer or one shot of booze every hour. Drink more and you invite a hangover.

Fortunately there are simple natural remedies that can help you cope with the holiday pitfalls.

Here are ways to slow your body's absorption of alcohol.

Never drink on an empty stomach. Eat at least a light snack preferably oily foods they

slow alcohol absorption. In addition, as you drink, continue eating snacks. The kind of drinks you have can

make a difference in a hangover, too. Those that contain high levels of toxic additives called congeners are

brandy, dark rum, red wine contains the least and beer is in the middle.

Serious effects of alcohol is the depletion of water. If you drink just two glasses of wine you lose twice that in

water. To avoid dehydration, drink a large glass of water every hour that you drink alcohol. Have ready when

you get home to take B-vitamins, 1,000 mg. of Vit. C and 200 mg. of Magnesium these are both vasodilators

they open up constricted blood vessels, helping prevent a headache before it starts before going to bed.

This will get a glass of needed water into your body. And when you get up in the morning have still another

glass of water.

Morning After.

If you forgot the preventive measures and feel rotten here are some supplements for quick

Help. Take a mineral solution that contains both vitamin B12 and magnesium B12 for the jitters and

magnesium for the battles of headache and muscle aches. Follow with lots of juices and water through the day.

1,000 Mg. of C morning and night.

For Nausea

Drink ginger tea, and stay on whole grain toast till you feel better.

Dedicated to alternative healing. Through body balance, health, nutrition & Fitness.

Thought of the day.

" You are never to Old or Young to better ones "Life-Style"

LiveingWell health news letter

By Lillian Waugh

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Insuring a healthy and vital tomorrow!

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