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"Wishing all a wonderful, happy & prosperous "New Year"

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Below is a little gift that I would like to share with you to help you look good all year long.

When you are eating throughout the year  a good Rule of thumb is 80% of the time eat your normal good diet.

 And the rest of the time eat 20%  of the "Frightfully delicious, totally illegal foods".  OK how do I judge 20%

look at it as a handful. So what you can get into that handful is the

"Frightfully delicious, totally illegal, but oh so good foods".

1.Exercise for the Fun of It  2. HERBAL  3. HEALTH SITES  4. RECIPE   5. THOUGHT OF THE DAY

1. Exercise for the Fun of It

If you've ever started an 'exercise program' for the purpose of relieving a health condition or losing weight

and found it very difficult to stick with the program, there's probably a good reason why your determination

didn't last. Your motivation failed because its source wasn't directly connected to the exercise. Simply put, in

your mind the exercise was a chore rather than a pleasure. You're human, and the payoff of doing 'chores' has

to be fairly immediate for humans to continue. Otherwise, we generally avoid challenges that aren't inherently

rewarding. So, if you hope to stick with it when it comes to exercise, you'll need to find a method that is

inherently pleasurable to you. Then let the additional benefits of fitness and weight loss accrue.

I first took a serious interest in getting fit when I switched to a sedentary job and started gaining weight. I

knew that I would have to get moving, so I tried some exercise videos. These work for many people, but they

didn't work for me. The pacing, the repetition~ I just couldn't get into it. Next, I bought a rowing machine,

thinking that the bigger investment would guilt me into working out. Not so. I played uplifting music and had a

nice view out the window of my daylight basement, but it just seemed strange to me to be rowing continuously

and going nowhere.

I really did want to lose the weight, and I knew that exercise and activity were absolutely necessary - diet

alone wouldn't produce long term results. So I kept trying new things. Membership in a gym: too much hassle

and drive time. Yoga classes: the schedules never fit with the rest of my life. If these sound like excuses, they

are. People make excuses when faced with things we really don't want to do. But exercise doesn't have to be

dreaded. And that's the message here. Keep checking out new things until you find what works.

What finally got me in the groove was so obvious in retrospect: fast paced walking. In my research, I

discovered that the best exercises for changing our metabolism are those that use the large muscles

rhythmically and continuously, like walking, bicycling, and lap swimming. I enjoyed walking once I established

some good routes. Walking every day for 45 to 60 minutes, I began to get into condition. Once I was in better

shape, it became easy and fun to ride bicycle and do other activities like playing volleyball. These physical

activities are a lot more enjoyable to me than workout videos and spending time on the rowing machine.

Because they're fun, I'm motivated to continue doing them. They are not chores, but play that is inherently


You will have to stay motivated until something clicks for you, but here's the mental difference. In your mind,

you are in the process of finding something pleasurable, rather than in the process of completing an onerous

daily task.  This is not to say that there won't be times when you have to push yourself a little bit to get going.

That is where routine and habit help you. If it is your routine to do something physically active each day, you

will eventually feel strange when you have to skip it. Whatever physical activities you end up sticking with

doing, they will likely involve pleasure and a sense of play and accomplishment.

That's why you'll stick with them, fitness and losing weight are just bonuses. Cheri Ellsworth writes on topics

related to exercise. Her articles are published The News at AtecExercise the single on-line resource for a

world of news about exercise. Be sure to refer to all Cheri's articles at


If you worry about the additives in prescription or over the counter drugs, perhaps an herbal remedy is a better

idea.  For headaches, feverfew, white willow bark, valerian and chamomile are all reportedly helpful.

 Echinacea, goldenseal and St Jhon's Wort are natural immune system booters Chamomile and passionflower

are also reportedly helful for insomnia.  However, if you're taking other medication, be wary.  Some herbal

supplements have drug interaction.

By Cheri Ellsworth


Check out the  Health Sites in the links below for more information on Herbs Vitamins, and minerals

Dedicated to alternative healing. Through body balance, health, nutrition & Fitness.

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You can use any of the left overs that you aquire and make this wrap for snacks or lunch.  It is called Must Go.

Turkey Wrap


3-4 OZ cooked turkey, diced

1 tbsp. avocado

1/2 cup sprouts

1/4 cup shredded lettuce

1 medium- size whole wheat tortilla


Combine the first four ingredients and place inside the tortilla.  Wrap it nice and tight for a quick and easy meal.  

5.Thought of the Day:

 " Don't worry be happy  80% of our health problems are stress related"


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Dedicated to alternative healing. Through body balance, health, nutrition & Fitness

By Lillian Waugh.

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