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A New Epidemic?

@2004 Dan Farrell

A recent article in the Reader's Digest points out some rather startling new information, at least to this author,

that according to Michael Holick, who's spent the last 30 years researching the subject, believes we're living in

an unrecognized epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency. And scientists are linking low levels of D to cancer,

hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis. Researchers used to think that Vitamin D was for building

strong bones but new research shows that this humble nutrient is far more versatile.

Unlike most vitamins, D isn't found in much we eat, other than fortified milk and cold water fish like mackerel

and salmon. Most of it is supplied by the sun. D-related hormone in the skin soaks up the ultraviolet rays in

sunlight and travels to the liver and the kidneys, where it is picked up by extra molecules of oxygen and

hydrogen.  This process transforms this potent hormone intocalcitriol. Scientists believe that this disease

fighting calcitriol is very important to prevent the above diseases.

Let the sun bake on your unprotected arms and face for a few minutes and you will have all the D you need.

In northern climes though it is believed that there is a deficiency from 20 to 60 percent among those over 50.

A startling fact is that there is more and more rickets every because doting parents are breastfeeding their

infants and keeping them out of the sun. Here are the recommended daily doses for Vitamin D

Under 50 = 200IU's a day 51-69 = 400IU's a day over 70 =600IU's a day More than 2,000IU's can lead to a

toxic buildup of calcium in the bloodstream.  Getting 800IU's isn't that hard. An 8-ounce cup of milk

contains almost 100IU's. For lactose intolerant or those who don't like milk, Minute Maid offers D-fortified

orange juice.  Better still, get outside (but without sunscreen).

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Herb for the Heart - Cardiovascular System

Hawthorn can be used as part of a comprehensive wellness program to promote cardiovascular health.

Hawthorn leaf, stem and flower extracts have been shown to promote healthy heart function by improving blood

and nutrient flow to the heart muscle. A healthy heart helps maintain healthy blood flow and nutrient delivery

throughout the body.

The extract of hawthorn can increase blood flow to the heart muscle itself, helping to counteract one of the most

common modern causes of death in industrial countries--heart attack due to lack of blood flow to the heart. In

pharmacological tests on both animals and humans, hawthorn has been shown to improve the contractility of the

heart muscle (which can lead to a stronger pumping action of the heart), increase cardiac performance and

output, lower the peripheral vascular resistance (reducing the workload of the heart), steady the heartbeat

(antiarrhythmic effect), as well as increasing the heart's tolerance to oxygen deficiency, such as might happen

during stress or excitement, or in diseases where the arteries are partially blocked."


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1/2 cup dates chopped

1 cup oatmeal uncooked

1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup flour

1/3 cup peanut butter

1 tsp. vanilla

1/4 cup water

2 eggs beaten

1 banana mashed

Mix all ingredients together,  drop by teaspoons on cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes.


Arthritis tonic and treatment 2 spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of water several times

daily.  Here are some other ways it is used for.  Apple cider vingar and honey as a cure all:  use to prevent

apathy, obesity, hay fever, asthma, rashes, food poisoning, hearthburn, sore throat, bad eyesight, dandruff,

brittle nails and bad breath.

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LiveingWell health news letter Dedicated to alternative healing. Through body balance, health, nutrition & Fitness

By Lillian Waugh.

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