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Conquering Heart Disease Using Natural Methods Heart Disease  This Is Something Only You Can Do

Your body can heal itself without drugs and their painful or deadly side effects. You can live a long and healthy life. read on and learn what simple and powerful decisions you can begin to make right Now To Restore Your Health And Vitality! The toxins (poisons) stored in your body and cellular imbalances are the major cause of disease. To eliminate disease, the root cause (poisons, emotions, etc…) must be acknowledged, understood and eliminated.

What Is Heart Disease (HBP)?

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in America. Each year 950,000 or more Americans die from heart disease. Heart disease is known as an equal opportunity killer. About half of the people who die every year of heart disease are women. Although women generally develop heart disease later in life than men, by the mid fifties heart disease is the number one killer of women. Recent studies have shown that one in ten American women between the ages of 45-64 have some form of heart disease and after the age of 65 the number increases to one in five. The most common form of heart disease is coronary artery disease which represents the gradual build-up of plaque, consisting of primarily fat and cholesterol on the inside walls of the coronary arteries - the very arteries which supply the heart muscle with oxygen and the nutrients the heart needs to function properly. This build-up of sludge or calcification restricts the amount of blood flow to the heart and surrounding musculature. When the heart no longer receives enough blood to function properly, a heart attack will occur.

Before 1900, very few people died of heart disease. Since then, heart disease has become the number one killer in the United States. The age of technology has made life easier and made people more prone to heart disease. Before the Industrial Revolution, most people made their living through some sort of manual labor. Walking was the major means of transportation. With the arrival of automation, life became less strenuous. Most manual labor was either replaced or assisted by machinery. Automobiles, washing machines, elevators, and vacuum cleaners became commonplace. Modern conveniences made physical activity unnecessary.

Along with the change in lifestyle came a change in diet. Machines were built to homogenize milk, process cheese, churn butter, and make ice cream. Previously, such high-fat treats had to be made by hand. Fried foods, like potato chips, hamburgers, and french fries, became staples in many diets.The combination of a sedentary lifestyle and a rich diet led to an increase in clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Heart disease became commonplace. The rate of heart disease increased so rapidly between 1940 and 1967 that the World Health Organization called it the world's most serious epidemic.

Medical science immediately went to work studying the disease and searching out its causes and cures. In 1948, a thirty-year study began in Framingham, Massachusetts. Known as the Framingham Study, the investigation involved 5127 people aged 30 to 62 who showed no signs of heart disease. Every two years, the participants underwent a complete physical examination. The Study lasted thirty years and provided priceless profile information for predicting heart disease. Today, the causes of heart disease are known. Heart Disease is caused by the buildup of fatty deposits that impede the flow of blood and oxygen in the arteries around the heart. You are at risk for a heart attack if one or more of your arteries are partially or completely blocked. Your risk for heart disease is high if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Obesity, smoking and a family history of heart problems are other risk factors.

What are the symptoms of Heart Disease?

The signs and symptoms of heart disease are important clues to other underlying health problems. Some people may have no symptoms at all, some have mild intermittent chest pain, and some have more pronounced and steady pain. Still others have heart or cardiovascular disease that is severe enough to make normal everyday activities difficult. Prevention and management of heart disease starts by identifying the risk factors. Therefore, a person who has three risk factors is eight times more likely to develop heart disease than someone who has none.

Risk factors leading to Cardiovascular Disease  Age  people over 40 are at a higher risk

Other Risk Factors contributing to heart disease

The first step is to take responsibility for your life! The goal for any doctor or patient in treating heart disease is to promote and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. This would consist of changes you must make in your diet, exercise and environment. Good health is attainable, most disease is curable and preventable, when we empower ourselves with the correct information and proper knowledge.

Begin by making the choices you need that support health. You must educate yourself first before starting any health program. This builds self-confidence and belief in what you are doing. This is your body we are talking about. Most people spend hundreds of dollars every month on new shoes, clothes, food, etc. How much do you spend on keeping yourself healthy? Without health, your body will start to deteriorate and age. Look and feel better than ever, just take the time to learn about yourself.

Poor health and degenerative disease are caused by poor choices and the environment you expose yourself to. Good health is attainable, disease is curable and preventable, when we empower ourselves with the correct information and proper knowledge. We then begin making the choices that support our health. You must educate yourself first before starting any health program. This builds self-confidence and belief in what you are doing. This is your body we are talking about.

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