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Arthritis often has its origin in a chronic infection somewhere in the system. It may be the tonsils, a dental abscess or some other purulent inflammation, which keeps discharging, minute quantities of toxins and poisonous waste products of the protein metabolism into the bloodstream. The effect is damaging to the joints and the internal organs such as the heart & kidneys. Apart from that, arthritis is definitely a disease of civilization, the outcome of eating the wrong kinds of food and a wrong "Life-style." In many cases we may also have inherited a predisposition to it we suffer the consequences of what our forefathers passed on to us. A disturbance of the mineral metabolism makes it mandatory that we change from a diet that produces too much acid to one yielding an alkaline surplus. All kinds of processed meats in other words everything that is no longer in its natural state or original form. Should be avoided whenever possible.


Mineral deficiencies cause problems more quickly than vitamin deficiencies and the problems are more severe. For example, if you fail to get a millionth of an ounce of iodine in your diet daily, your thyroid will enlarge. That's why salt sold today is "iodized." Iodine is added to it because we can't get it from plants or meat. Research has shown that Arthritic cartilage has two-thirds less sulfur than normal. After a few months of taking MSM regularly, along with Vitamin C ascorbic most people joint, and back pain had subsided. It was also found that it not only relieved all types of arthritis, muscle aches, day and night type cramps, but it also suppressed a multitude of other afflictions from allergies to migraine headaches. Scientist believe that the reason is fairly obvious because every cell in the body needs sulfur. A deficiency would cause many malfunctions unfortunately; today it is practically impossible to get enough nutrients out of a balanced diet because of nutrient depleted soils and nutrient poor, processed foods. That's why supplementation with MSM and other nutrients is necessary. Let me state MSM is not related to sulfa drugs, so if you are allergic to those drugs, don't worry.

It is recommend that you take 1 tablet for every 60 lb. of weight and 1 Vitamin C ascorbic for 60 lb.

By Lillian Waugh

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The Pineapple Stalk

Scientist have discovered a remarkable substance in the pineapple plant called bromelain. There's not much bromelain in the pineapple fruit; it's concentrated in the stem or stalk.

Bromelain has a fabulous characteristic that every arthritis sufferer needs. It stops the bad prostaglandins and doesn't affect the good ones. In the journal Clinical Medicine an article reported clinical test that show bromelain lowers inflammation by 60% in a very short time. 700 cases were studied over 5 years on all types of arthritis, muscle and back pain, plus before and after various kinds of surgery.


ARTHRITIS: Cayenne Cream is a natural topical cream used for arthritis.

It should contain .025% to .075% capsaicin. Used topically in conjunction with an oral supplement such as Boswellia or Same, can be affective to reduce arthritis pain.



Uses: Chervil is not well known in American kitchens as it is in France, where it is considered one of the three herbs in the classic blend called fines herbs (the other two are parsley and chives). Chervil adds a very delicate anise flavor, and it also has the ability to enhance the flavor of other herbs, fish and veal; in cream soups and sauces; in chicken, egg, & potato salad; & to accent many vegetables, such as carrots, corn, and peas. For best flavor, always add chervil near the end of cooking. Chervil chopped fresh leaves go well with cold tomato soup & green salad, & make a pretty garnish for any dish.

TRADITIONS: Pliny, the Roman historian of the first century A.D., said vinegar in which Chervil seeds had been soaked would cure hiccups. Throughout history, the leaves of Chervil were eaten as a green vegetable, & for Christians Chervil soup has been a traditional dish for Holy Thursday, after Lent.


Shrimp ALA Alfredo

Created By Lilly

24 Boiled Shrimp

Cooked Spaghetti Squash or Angel hair pasta

1 can small Cream of Mushroom Soup

3 green onions. Tops only.

Split Spaghetti squash in haft clean out seeds, Steam Spaghetti squash till tender.

Scrape out the squash and set aside.

Add a little water & milk to soup warm keep on burner.

Saute the Shrimp in olive oil and garlic to taste.

Put the Spaghetti Squash on plate, add the soup to the sautéed shrimp and bring to a simmer

Pour over the Spaghetti Squash.

Sprinkle with the chopped onion tops.

Serve with salad and garlic sticks.

Fat. 3 gr. Cal. 35 mg. Fiber 1 gr. Sugar 1 gr.

Sodium 870 mg. Do to canned soup. You can make your own sauce.


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LiveingWell health news letter

By Lillian Waugh

Insuring a healthy and vital tomorrow!

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