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1.HEADACHES Alternative Method

Headaches are a common cause of suffering, but all headaches are not created equal. How do you find out what the cause of

headaches are and how do you get relief? Popping pills is not the answer!

Many of us have visited the doctor's office in search of a "pain killer" to ease one painful problem or another. These drugs,

like codeine or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are effective pain relievers for certain conditions, but they also

have negative side effects. Prescription pain killers are generally addictive, and require increasing dosages. Headaches

are the most commonly treated medical complaint, and most can be treated naturally by eating the correct nutritional food, and with

proper vitamins, and minerals.

Paying attention to oneself we learn how we can improve upon our bodies.   In making the effort we are in control of our bodies in                      

the long run we will  correct the problem and we will feel better for it without drugs.

                                                                                   Through the beauty of wellness, your

                                                                                    "Life-Style" of today can be enhanced.

You can live healthy and stress free.

All you need to start is the wiliness,

your Reward will be the Healing of Oneself.

You can start with the list below.   Should you not be able to do this yourself ask a friend to help or seek professional help.

Instead of saying why me, not today of all days, ask yourself, "what did I do to cause this headache" how can I correct it?

Think of how often you have headaches. Mark your calendar the day you had the headache and what you were doing that day and

the days before what did you eat.

         The biggest question is do you get any of the symptoms below while you  are having headaches? If so see your qualified

professional immediately .  As some headaches have been linked to stroke.

Numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one

side of the body, confusion trouble speaking or understanding.

Trouble seeing in one or both eyes problems walking, dizziness,

loss of balance or coordination severe headache with no known  cause.

Nutrition and herbal remedies offer safer solutions to drugs. Most headaches are the muscle tension type, which causes the whole

head pain. While migraines typically affect one side of the head they can also be in a cluster. Although there are many

different types of headaches, some of the most common are: muscle tension, sinus, caffeine deprivation, allergies, hypoglycemia, and


Generally, headaches don't fit into neat little boxes of clinical definition. There are multiple of sub categories to

each of the above types, and different types may influence the manifestation of yet another type of headache in a given person.

For example, the development of a muscle tension headache in a person can increase the frequency, intensity and duration of

migraine, and vice versa. Some can be caused by an old injury or allergens to foods.

In addition to herbs, supplements and proper nutrition, treatment for muscle tension and migraine headaches include

proper rehabilitation for even minor traumas to the neck, head and spine even if they happened years ago. Typically, the best

method of treatment is Chiropractic adjustment and deep tissue massage such as Rolfing, Bio feed back therapy, which helps you

learn how to control the onset of headaches with daily mental exercises, helping your mine to learn to relax..

Did you know that practicing some form of daily relaxation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself? Taking a few

minutes each day to quiet your mind and breathe deeply can make a big difference in how you feel throughout your day and into

the night. The word 'relax' has its origin in the Latin word 'relaxare,' which means "to loosen." When we relax, we are in

effect loosening tension, releasing tightly held energy and letting go. From the state of relaxation we can experience calm

peacefulness. Relaxation also means taking regular time off work. Extended periods of rest are a biological necessity. The

human body is like an old fashioned wind-up clock. If it is not rewound by relaxing every few days, ultimately it will run

itself down.

Making an appointment to see a Chiropractor who has studied  muscle testing can determine the reason’s you are having headaches.

Through an exam of your body you may be in need of an alignment.   As over the years our body begins to wear in areas that we are not

aware of and our spine will shift, or an old injury could flare up.  Which could be causing some areas to tighten up and cause your

headache. Should you feel that your headache is caused by tension  you may choose to be seen by an acupunctureist let him know

your symptoms they have been known to relieves common tension headaches.


A migraine can be "tripped" like a switch by certain chemicals in soaps, perfumes, sulfites in wines, food , chemicals in the diet, especially the

compound tyramine.

Research shows many migraine sufferers can become headache free by eliminating luncheon meats (nitrites particularly), fermented

foods (e.g., bread, cheese, beer and wine), roasted nuts, chocolate, citrus juices, coffee & tea. sugar or aspartame.

You, yourself can try to eliminate foods in certain category to help find out if your headache is a food allergies .   Has your headache

returned? If so how long was it between your headache. Did you eat a food that had the compound tyramine, or aspartame ? Or you may wish

To seek out professional of your choice who can test you for food allergies this may solve the problem quicker.

In conclusion

I am sure in the above paragraphs if you search out and find the cause of your headache, you will be able to eliminate the systems              

without drugs through your own efforts or through your health care professional .  I my self  was in an accident many years ago that left me with

migraines.  Before that I never had headaches, since I believe in alternatives I found out what I could do for the headaches and now I am

headache free.

By Lillian Waugh



Feverfew for migraine, Belladonna for throbbing headache They can be purchased at your Local health food store.


For throbbing headaches: Take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go away. For eye headache. Place cucumbers slices on your eyelids, lay your head back, this will not only help you to relax it will take away your dark circles. For a migraine headache take a paper bag cut a piece small enough for your forehead. Emerge the paper in white vinegar, Apple cider vinegar will not work, press excess out and place on your forehead. Lay down or rest in a comfortable position this will take the headache away.


In cooking your meats it is best to use a food thermometer. That way you know the food has reached The correct temperature and all bacteria has been killed. Chefs from the old school say the "Touch & Feel method doesn't work anymore. It is best to be Safe rather them sorry.

Paul Harvey:

Reported that it was suggested in the Scyco Symatic Journal that instead of using drug prescription to fight depression it has been found to use exercise instead. More people find that keeping busy will help this situation and exercise is a form of keeping active. Your body will get energy, your mind will be clearer to think the situation over. Find a new outlet to your " Life-Style "



Did you know?

Coriander/Cilantro are the same plant


Usually Coriander is used when referring to the seeds, and Cilantro the leaves. Actually, this plant has two kinds of leaves; the lower leaves are flat, roundish, and have scalloped edges (this is what is harvest as cilantro) the newer leaves near the top of the stems, are very lacy and feathery. It produces masses of tiny white flowers in clusters at the top of the stem, which mature into tiny round seeds. This is were the Coriander comes from.

Coriander seed or ground coriander is a common ingredients in many, dishes and is widely available commercially. It is one of the ingredients in commercial curry powder and also the blend known as pickling spice. The hard to describe flavor goes well in gingerbread, cakes, cookies, and sweet yeast breads; in baked apples and fruit salads. It also adds a rich note to poultry stuffing, spicy meat mixtures, meatloaf, stews, and sausage. It spicy tone goes well in soups and casseroles. A few crushed seeds are delicious in coffee or hot chocolate.


The leaves have an entirely different taste: spicy, peppery, tingly on the tongue. It has been used in Mexican and Oriental cuisine fairly new to American cooks. It was introduced here in the US in 1967.


Coriander has been used to flavor food for at least 3,000 years. Seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs. The plant is mentioned in the Old Testament, in an Egyptian medical treatise that was written when Moses was a young man. It is one of the bitter herbs for the celebration of Passover. Romans steeped the seed in vinegar and soaked meat in it as a preservative, and people of many cultures chewed the seed to sweeten the breath.


Simple Crab Boil

2 lb. Medium size shrimp, unpeeled

6 Blue Crab or local fare

3 lb. Red skin potatoes

2 lb. Smoked sausage, Kielbasa or Andouille, cut into 2in pieces

4 ears Sweet corn, halved

2 Med. onions, peeled and quartered


2 tsp. Black peppercorns

2 tsp. Mustard seeds

2 tsp. Dill seeds

2 tsp. Coriander seeds

2tsp Whole cloves

3 Whole bay leaves

1 Small piece of fresh ginger

1tsp Cayenne Pepper

2 Tbl Coarse salt

(Tip: Crab boil seasoning packages are easier to use than purchasing all of the ingredients listed above. These packages come in 3oz. bags and are quite good)


Check out the  Health Sites in the links below for more information on Herbs Vitamins, and minerals

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LiveingWell health news letter

By Lillian Waugh.

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