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1. The Cholesterol Fraud Bad Cholesterol: A Myth and a Fraud!

By F. Batmanghelidj, M.D

We in the medical profession, totally oblivious of the vital roles of cholesterol in the body,

have been duped into thinking that it is this substance that causes arterial disease of the

heart and the brain. The pharmaceutical industry has capitalized on the slogan of "bad cholesterol"

and has  produced toxic-to-the-body chemicals that minimally lower the level of cholesterol in the body

and in the process cause liver damage to thousands of people, some who die as a result of using the

medication.  It is surprising that none of the frequently quoted and media-popularized doctors has

reflected on the  fact that cholesterol levels are measured from blood taken from the veins, yet

nowhere in medical literature is  there a single case of cholesterol having caused obstruction of the

veins. Venous blood moves far slower than  arterial blood and thus would be more inclined to

have cholesterol deposits if the assumption of "bad cholesterol" were accurate. This mistake by

us in the medical community, and its capitalization by the  pharmaceutical industry, has caused

an ongoing fraud against society.  In truth, the so-called "bad" cholesterol  is actually far more

beneficial than is appreciated. The reason for its rise in the body is because of  complications

caused by chronic unintentional dehydration and insufficient urine production. Dehydration produces

concentrated, acidic blood that becomes even more dehydrated during its passage through the lungs before

reaching the heart - because of evaporation of water in the lungs during breathing. The membranes

of the blood vessels of the heart and main arteries going up to the brain become vulnerable to the

shearing pressure produced by the thicker, acidic blood.  This shearing force of toxic blood

causes abrasions and minute tears in the lining of the arteries that can peel off and cause embolisms

of the brain, kidneys and other organs. To prevent the damaged blood vessel walls from peeling,

low-density (so-called "bad") cholesterol coats and covers up the abrasions and protects the

underlying tissue like a waterproof bandage until the tissue heals.  Thus, the vital, life-saving role of

low-density  cholesterol proves this substance is of utmost importancein saving the lives of those

who do not adequately hydrate their bodies so that their blood can flow easily through the blood vessels

without causing damage.

Cholesterol is an element from which many of our hormones are made. Vitamin D is made by the

body from cholesterol in our skin that is exposed to sunlight. Cholesterol is used in the insulating

membranes that cover our nerve systems.  There is no such a thing as bad cholesterol. If all the primary

ingredients are available for its normal functions, the human body does not engage in making things that

are bad for its survival. Until now we did not know water was a vital nutrient that the body needed at all

times - and in sufficient quantity.  Water itself - not caffeinated beverages that further dehydrate - is a better

cholesterol-lowering medication  than any chemical on the market. It is absolutely safe and is not harmful to the

body like the dangerous medications now used. Please share this information with those you care for.

For more information about my medical breakthrough on the  topic of chronic unintentional

dehydration and the diseases it causes, other than what is posted on this site, refer to  my books and

tapes - products of over 20 years of fulltime research -- at   

2. HERBAL: None this month


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Dehydrated Brownies

3/4 cup Sprouted Sunflower Seeds

1/2 cup Soaked Cashews or Filberts

3/4 cup Sprouted Flax powder, or Ground Flax seed

1 TBS. Raw Tahini

2 TBS. Raw Almond butter

1/2 Avocado

1/4 cup Agave syup

3 TBS. Raw Chocolate, Ground

3 TBS. Raw Carob

3 TBS. Coconut Oil

5 Dates

1 TSP. Vanilla Water if needed

1 TBS. Maca, Walnuts chopped both are Optional.

Blend the nuts and seeds first.  Then ass oil, Tahini, and Almond Butter next and blend.

 Add remaining ingredients to the food processor, blend.  it should be a very thick paste.  

Adjust the sweetness, then stir in the chopped walnuts.  Form into thick square Brownies

and dehydrate for 13 hours at 105 F. or until desired Texture is reached.


Folic Acid Danger

Synthetic forms of folic acid can cause hives, breathing problems, cramps and itching.

Problem: The FDA is urging food procucers to fortify bread flour, flour and pasta with

folic acid and many vitiamin supplements now contain folic acid.

6.Thought of the Day:

Judge your sucess by what you had to give up in order to get it. Would like your comment or input.

LiveingWell health news letter

Dedicated to alternative healing. Through body balance, health, nutrition & Fitness

By Lillian Waugh

Insuring you a healthy and vital tomorrow!

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